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Day 87: Exploring Equivalents

With all the designs complete, today my 5th grade advanced students had the opportunity to discuss their designs and prove that they work. Evident in their designs was that the size of the whole was different from student to student. … Continue reading

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Day 86: Create a Design

My 5th grade advance students began their exploration of fractions shortly before the winter break through a series of tasks cards. Each card had specific information about the design to be drawn and the only limitation was the size of … Continue reading

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Day 81: Fractions and Decimals

With this cut-and-paste activity, my 6th graders had to match the multiplication sentence with its respective product. However, the multiplication sentences were written as fractions and the products as decimals.  Aside from noticing patterns, students noticed a relationship between the … Continue reading

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Day 61: Task Card Obsessed

Brightly colored card stock, binder rings, the laminating machine and the paper cutter are my favorite teaching tools. Practice and review are so much more fun when the questions to be solved are printed on neatly trimmed task cards with … Continue reading

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Day 56: Multiplying Fractions Stations

Station work was in full force these past two days. And it was probably the first time this year where I felt that everything was running smoothly. The students participating in the mini-lesson were focused and engaged, as were the … Continue reading

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Days 51-52: Pattern Block Fraction Design

Just a little task to review addition and subtraction with fractions (particularly the difference between a whole number and mixed number) , as well as get students thinking about multiplication of whole numbers and fractions. Just the right task for … Continue reading

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Day 30: Making Play-dough

For a change of pace and a bit of fun on a Friday morning, my classes made play-dough based on the recipes they translated. Of course, there was a catch. Students had to request the appropriate measuring tool before receiving … Continue reading

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