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Day 87: Exploring Equivalents

With all the designs complete, today my 5th grade advanced students had the opportunity to discuss their designs and prove that they work. Evident in their designs was that the size of the whole was different from student to student. … Continue reading

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Day 86: Create a Design

My 5th grade advance students began their exploration of fractions shortly before the winter break through a series of tasks cards. Each card had specific information about the design to be drawn and the only limitation was the size of … Continue reading

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Day 33: Windows are Panes

Windows are Panes (or “Pains” depending about your attitude towards fractions!). Mari Muri and Dan Dolan gave a presentation on “Effective Models for Fractions, Decimals, and Percents” last year at NCTM Hartford. One of their activities focused on using window … Continue reading

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