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Day 64: You Be the Ref!

You Be the Ref! could just as easily be You Be the Teacher! Students examine a set of completed tree diagrams to see if the composite numbers were factored properly. Any errors (i.e. multiplication errors, use of addition, incomplete factorization … Continue reading

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Day 34: A Unique Quiz

Good morning, Mathematicians! On the desk are orange problem cards. Choose a card and simplify the expression. Show all your work on the recording sheet. Then, choose another card. Immediately, my 5th grade students set to work on the problems. … Continue reading

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Day 13: Daily Review

One of my goals for the year is to integrate daily spiral review, while fostering a more mature sense of place value. Questions such as these have become a staple in both my 5th grade honors and 6th grade classes, … Continue reading

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