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Day 69: Venn Diagrams and the GCF

Just this year I learned how to use a Venn diagram to find the greatest common factor of two or more numbers using the prime factors. Venn diagrams have always been a part of students’ experience, integrated into literature discussions, … Continue reading

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Day 68: Area Model Success!

One of my goals this year as a math coach is to introduce the 4th grade teachers and students to a variety of multiplication and division strategies. Though they were a bit nervous and apprehensive at first, I am so … Continue reading

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Day 67: Expanded Form with Dice

Yup. Another great activity from a session given at NCTM Baltimore by Jane and John Felling from Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks. The task is easily adaptable by simply increasing (or decreasing) the number of dice to accommodate for whole … Continue reading

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Day 66: That’s So Cool!

“That’s so cool!” said one of my 5th grade advanced students as he started to realize that all of the factors of a number can be determined by rearranging and/or grouping the prime factors of the number. (Yes, I know … Continue reading

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Day 65: Place Value QR Codes

This was a great FREE activity for my 6th graders to quickly review place value concepts. Scan the QR code for a link to the activity (or click here). There were an abundance of codes, so I selected a wide … Continue reading

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Day 64: You Be the Ref!

You Be the Ref! could just as easily be You Be the Teacher! Students examine a set of completed tree diagrams to see if the composite numbers were factored properly. Any errors (i.e. multiplication errors, use of addition, incomplete factorization … Continue reading

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Day 63: Number of the Day Place Value Review

Today was all about a trip down memory lane. The Number of the Day task was to tap students’ prior knowledge about place value concepts and basic operations, all in preparation for our upcoming unit on decimals. (Yes, I know … Continue reading

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