Day 24: NCTM Day 1

20131028-203858.jpgMy day can be summed up in four words. Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks.

One of the best pieces of advice I received about attending the NCTM Regional Conference was that if a session does not meet your needs, don’t waste your time. Taking that advice at last year’s conference landed me in an incredible presentation given by Jane Felling from Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks. The session, on Domino Math, was fast-paced and jam-packed with a ton of ideas ranging from place value to basic operations to probability to fractions. At every opportunity, Jane offered ways to vary the games for different skill levels or suggestions on how to integrate other concepts. When I saw that Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks were offering numerous sessions today, not only would I be in the audience but I would be sitting up front. Let me tell you. Jane and John Felling did not disappoint! The focus of their sessions was predominantly on number sense, including place value, comparing numbers and rounding. And once again, the sessions were fast-paced and jam-packed with a ton of ideas.

P.S. The highlight of my day was when John Felling, who loved a variation I suggested for one of his favorite games, called me brilliant! I felt like a rock star!

(Yes, I know I am a bit behind on my blog. This post was from October 17!)


About shlager

I'm a teacher and rookie math coach who loves designing tasks to motivate, engage, and challenge, a mom to 4 yummy kids, and wife to a hockey lover. Happiness is getting everything organized!
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